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Databases for Dynamic Websites

How much data is too much?

When information becomes too extensive to manage manually or eCommerce is part of your business plan, then a database comes into play. If you want a website for mostly text / graphics with some audio and video, then a database is not necessarily an economical choice. But if you have inventory that you want to make available on the web, take orders, and receive payment, then a database becomes the best solution.

A database driven site is commonly called a dynamic site. This results from the ability to make each page unique for the content being presented at the time of page selection. Dynamic websites are composed for the browser as a visitor makes a selection. So if you have 100 or 100,000 items, think database. The Drupal site, SmallEngineEquipmentParts.com, has 8,000 products with 50,000 cross references in its database. This allows you to make several different presentations available to your website visitor without having to change the data; just add page designs and fill them with dynamic data for all the business requirements.

Our primary database solution is a shared instance of an Oracle database licence. This is the most stable and best technically supported database currently available. We do offer less expensive database solutions but only when data requirements are on a small scale and cost of ongoing suppor is not a consideration. Just call Ron or contact us to see if you need to change your site's structure.

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