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Programming for Websites

Static Presentation Websites

Static websites are generally what could be considered an extended advertisement. The website content is available for viewing but has limited user actions such a request forms and email subscriptions. These sites typically are created using html with javascript and server-side includes that help with content editing and makes for a more consistent user viewing experience. While many templated solutions exist for putting web pages together, we use custom programming to make sure your business model is presented to your customer and search engines while adhering to W3C standards. When you consider the other functions we include such as website hosting, internet marketing, and content support, our custom solution will be a greater value in the longer view.

static content example

Drupal Content Management Websites

Drupal content management system websites are great for the site owner who wants access to the text and data for updates. CMS web pages are generated dynamically from a SQL database that contains your images, data files, and content. An example of a CMS site is www.surgerycenterconsultants.com. The style of the site is accomplished through customizable themes that are consistent through the site presentation. Once the desgin is done, the data is loaded, you are ready to go on a very economical website solution.

drupal site example

Dynamic Content Websites

Dynamic websites are typical of business models that present a large amount of data for sales or other user interactions that must be stored and tracked. The site: www.smallengineequipmentparts.com is an example. The pages of a dynamic website are created within certain schema that lets you present your information based on what the user wants to view. While more complicated than static websites, they are more manageable when using large amounts of data such as items for sale. The page can be programmed with java, html, javascript, and ajax languages for flexibile presentation. Because of our teams extensive experience, we can create a custom solution that maximizes your data presence on the web.

dynamic site example

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