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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Change is good...

SEO, the process of modifying site content for relevance to market goals that will improve search engine ranking and ultimately your customer's experience. A site's keywords, search terms, are important and must be part of the copywriting that has meaning for your message. But how does this improve your site's search engine position?

That is the question that we can answer. Knowing your website visitor and what their search was about makes site optimization logical and effective. If you know widgets and your customer want widgets, then you must speak the same language to make the connection. We know the technical stuff about meta tags, page titles, and headers but you know the subject. So we connect the dots that puts your site in the right position with the right content so a search viewer will find your site. Oh by the way, SEO is only part of the solution, lets look at the next step, SEM.

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