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Viral Marketing

Not who you know, but who knows you...

Viral marketing is word of mouth advertising at its best. This style of marketing comes at a low cost and largely functions by utilizing video and social networking websites, like YouTube and Facebook. The costs for this type of marketing are controllable since they come mainly from the creation of the materials. Viral marketing is also a useful option in conjunction with a larger print or video marketing plan as a method to reach a larger audience.

Show us what you got...

Check out these examples of YouTube.com postings. The first is an example of a Product Help video used on the original site and on YouTube.

The second is a edited TV show that the site owner had rights to use; Alaska Private Guide Service Moose hunting. These examples represent diverse source material used on and off site for the greatest marketing effect. Just imagine what you could use or may already have available! Contact us for more information.

you tube example

you tube example 2
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Facebook what?

Do you have a Facebook account for your business? If not, why not? You are an expert in your field, why not share your thoughts with people of like interest? See my Facebook page.

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